Abundance of Choice

After reading about YouTube introducing a new subscription service where adverts would be removed, it made me think about how these online services are monetised.

I’ll come out and say it now; I hate advertising.  I hate everything about advertising.  I hate how the truth is twisted, distorted and completely bent out of shape in advertising.  I hate how advertising prays on people who don’t know any better and tries to coerce them into buying certain products.  However, I’m not naive enough to think or expect that advertising will ever go away, or that it won’t always play a big (if incredibly irritating) part in our lives.

But with YouTube announcing a paid for option, I wonder just how successful it will be.  Maybe I’m missing the value of YouTube, but I’m yet to see anything on there that I’d be willing to pay money for.  And given I skip or block every advert possible, it’s not like they’re ever going to make a penny out of me.  And with YouTube being a service I can live without, what hope do they have for the future?

Or maybe this is just my pessimism rearing it’s ugly head again?